Mustang Bayou

Brazoria County, Texas.

Mustang Bayou midpoint in Manvel, Texas.

Mustang Bayou ends in Liverpool, Texas.

3 feet (1 meters)

42.69 miles long (68.70 kilometers)

128338.80 miles (206541.34 sq kilometers)

About The Mustang Bayou

Mustang Bayou is a River located in Brazoria County, TX. Starting in Missouri City, TX the Mustang Bayou flows 43 miles through Manvel, TX before ending in Liverpool, TX. The Mustang Bayou rises to an elevation of 3 feet and has a surface area of 79,746 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


All About The Mustang Bayou, TX

The Mustang Bayou is a short marshy stream located south of Houston. Surrounding the bayou is League City and Pearland to its east, Sugarland to its west, and Missouri City to its northwest. The stream rises just south of Missouri City and runs southeast for forty-five miles, passing four miles southwest of Pearland and north of Alvin, where it turns south. At its junction with Persimmon Bayou, the creek is channeled until it reaches its mouth on New Bayou in southeastern Brazoria County where it outflows into Chocolate Bay and finally to the Gulf of Mexico.

A bayou is defined as a slowly-moving section of marshy water. Most of the time, they are categorically creeks or a stream. Bayous can either be freshwater, saltwater, in some cases, both. Waters that are a combination of both fresh and saltwater are known as brackish waters. In the case of Mustang Bayou, it completely runs freshwater. Marshes are what bayous are most known for, and their vegetation ranges from moss to cypress trees serving as important habitats for animals like alligators, shrimp, and all manner of birds. 

In America, the most known system of bayous is located in Louisiana’s Mississippi River delta but in the state of Texas, bayous like