Saint Vincent Sound

Franklin County, Florida.

Saint Vincent Sound ends in Apalachicola, Florida.

31777220.40 miles (51140494.80 sq kilometers)

About The Saint Vincent Sound

About Saint Vincent Sound, FL

Saint Vincent Sound is located in Franklin County that can be seen in the West Pass USGS topo map. This bay is situated 46 miles to the east of Panama City. Between the sound and Saint Joseph Bay is a narrow peninsula that separates the two bays. The elevation and coverage of the sound’s waters are still unrecorded and yet to be known. Other locations close by Saint Vincent Sound are Apalachicola Estuary, Nine Mile, Tilton, Mallard Slough, and Saint Vincent National Wildlife Refuge. 

Island visitors of the sound should note that this location is jam-packed with a variety of wildlife. In Saint Vincent Sound, people will witness the existence of the exotic sambar deer and the endangered red wolf. Other than these animals, nine-banded armadillo, bald eagle, American alligator, wood stork, diamondback rattlesnake, Atlantic bottle-nosed and rough-toothed dolphin, river otter, and feral hog species can also be spotted. Saint Vincent Sound’s abundance in wildlife can be concretely seen in numbers. The sound is home to 25 species of mammal, 51 species of reptile, and 39 species of fish and birds. 

Saint Vincent Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Saint Vincent Sound

Saint Vincent Sound offers several fish species. The most abundant fish for anglers to spot in this location would be