Skagit Bay

Skagit County, Washington.

Skagit Bay ends in Conway, Washington.

73576230.59 miles (118409501.87 sq kilometers)

About The Skagit Bay

About Skagit Bay, WA

The Skagit Bay is a bay and strait, designated as part of the Marine Area 8-1, along with Deception Pass and Hope Island. The bay empties into the Skagit River, which runs along the length of 150 miles from British Columbia and ends at northwestern Washington. Surrounding the bay are the Whidbey, Fidalgo, and Camano islands, filled with nature-preserved state parks, and Mount Vernon is on its northeastern side. 

Both the Skagit bay and river have been inhabited by indigenous groups for thousands of years. The origins of the name Skagit itself, was what European and American settlers at the time called the native people. Skagit is a major body of water that has sustained the lives of its native inhabitants and its migrants for hundreds of years.

Skagit Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing In Skagit Bay, WA

As a bay that empties into the Skagit River, which is known for various salmon species, the selection for recreational fishing is also diverse. One of the top species to catch is the chum salmon. This type of salmon matures in the sea and is known to migrate back into freshwaters in order to spawn. It is recommended for anglers to fly fish these salmon, specifical