Slop Bowl

Brazoria County, Texas.

Slop Bowl ends in Freeport, Texas.

7 feet (2 meters)

4.34 miles (6.99 sq kilometers)

About The Slop Bowl

Slop Bowl is a Swamp located in Brazoria County, TX. Starting in the Slop Bowl has a total surface area of 2.7 miles. The Slop Bowl has an elevation of 7 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.


About Slop Bowl, TX 

 The Slop Bowl is a marsh or swamp estimated to be around 1,350 acres with a 1-meter elevation. The swamp can be found in Brazoria Country, at the southern end of the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. You can find the swamp right along  Oyster Creek and the Ridge Slough stream.  

Many types of bird species have taken this area as their habitat. These include waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, wood storks, and even the rare Reddish Egrets. Many hunters have used this area to hunt geese as well. It’s best to do so during the spring when the birds are arriving back from winter. Thanks to the marsh’s location and isolation, it has been called “a duck hunter’s paradise” many hunters have trudged through knee-deep mud just to catch the best game.  

Slop Bowl Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Slop Bowl, TX

Slop Bowl may be a dangerous area, especially for those who are visiting for the first time. It is so large, and because the area is muddy, it is infested with mosquitos, snakes, and disease-carrying insects. 

The high salinity in the water allows salt marsh species t