Kajikia Audax




417 - 440 pounds

137" - 165"

Striped Marlin

Also Known As: Striped Marlin, Barred Marlin, Pacific Striped Marlin, Spearfish, Spikefish, Marlin, Stripey  

Striped Marlin (Kajikia Audax) Fish Description

Considered the most beautiful among the marlins, the Striped Marlins are a highly prized gamefish. They are part of the Billfish family since their upper jaw extends to what serves as a “bill” or what looks more like a spear. Striped Marlins can be differentiated from the BlueBlack, and White from the pale blue stripes that appear on its body. Even after death, the pale blue stripes will not disappear from a Striped Marlin’s body.

Striped Marlins also have a more compressed and slender body, taking a real shape of a torpedo to maximize their speed. They also have flexible pectoral fins although theirs are more pointed unlike that of the Blue Marlin which are foldable and scythe-shaped. They also have a lighter blue color which differentiates them from their Blue cousin. Their jaws are another distinct feature too. While the Blue Marlin has a short but broad lower jaw, the Striped Marlin has a narrow but pointed lower jaw. And if one were to cut them up, Blue Marlin’s have a rounded body while the Striped Marlin may look more like an egg.


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