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Port Mansfield, A Hidden Fishing Gem in the Lonestar State

The small town of Port Mansfield, Texas, offers a unique and exciting angling experience to those who seek to experience it. Located between the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico, it is teeming with a large variety of fish available to be caught in its waters. Aside from fishing, there are still plenty of activities that you can do in the area. For starters, why not enjoy Rettilon beach where there aren’t many people, unlike other popular beaches. You can also savor the many bounties of the area with the many seafood restaurants available. If you’re a fan of history, you’ll be pleased to know that Port Mansfield is also close to the USS Lexington museum ship, a ship that served during world war 2 in the Pacific. Port Mansfield is perfect for people who wish to have a relaxing fishing experience without the noise and crowds of other fishing spots. 

Port Mansfield: A Town Built for Fishing

"File:Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus).jpg" by Geeklikepi is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Since its beginning, Port Mansfield has always been a fishing-centric town. Its waters are blessed with a wide variety of fish, and you’ll be hard-pressed to catch at least one of each type of fish in only one fishing trip. If you wish, you can even go back since fishing is an all-year-round activity in the area. Whether you prefer to do inshore or offshore fishing, or whether you like to catch a big one or relax, there is something for every angler here in Port Mansfield. Here are some of the fish species that are particularly popular with anglers who visit the area: 

  • Speckled trout: Several of the record-breaking speckled trout are caught in Port Mansfield, so if you’re looking to add your name on the record books, this is the place to do so. Speckled trout are available throughout the year but are most common in the summer from May to September and are least common during the winter in January.
  • Redfish: The Laguna Madre is a prime fishing spot for redfish, and they can grow to immense sizes in the area. They are available throughout the year but are most common during the fall months of September and October and least common during the winter month of December and the summer months of March and April.
  • Fluke: Another fish common on the Laguna Madre, the flounder is prized for its meat, not much for its physical appearance. Like the other two, it is available all year round, but it’s most common in the fall month of October and less during January.
  • Marlin: They are available in Port Mansfield’s offshore waters. This large fish is a true challenge and trophy for any angler willing to pursue it. It’s most common during the summer months of July and August while less during the winter months of November to December and January until April.
Fish species
Blue Marlin 

Habitat: Offshore, Open Water

Weight: 200 - 400 Pounds

Length: 132" - 197"


Habitat: Onshore, Flats, Backcountry, Nearshore

Weight: 10 - 45 Pounds

Length: 30" - 61"

Sea Trout 

Habitat: Inshore, Nearshore, Covered River

Weight: 1 - 6 Pounds

Length: 20" - 55"

Southern Flounder

Habitat: Onshore, Inshore, Channels, Rivers

Weight: 1 - 4 Pounds

Length: 12" - 33"

Port Mansfield: A Seaside Experience

"USS Lexington (CV-16)" by Support your local Air Museum! (HawkeyeUK) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


1. Booking a Fishing Charter at Mansfield

There are a lot of fishing spots to try out. And if you're a bit of a daredevil, you can try your hand at bringing in a marlin. Port Mansfield is home to the white, blue, and black marlin, all of which are high-tier gamefish.


2. Lounging at the Beach

If you’re looking to go to the beach, yet you don’t want to mix in with the crowds, you can try Port Mansfield’s Rettilon Beach. This beach is perfect for shell collecting and simply relaxing, and enjoying the sun. The water there is also perfect for a leisurely swim if you want to enjoy the water without fishing. 


3. Visiting the USS Lexington Museum

Another tourist destination in the area is the USS Lexington Museum. This ship is an Essex-class aircraft carrier that served during world war 2 and is now permanently docked near Port Mansfield. Check out the ship’s service history, its features, as well as how it came to be a Museum ship when you visit the area. 

Fishing Techniques
Light Tackle
Deep Sea Fishing
Flounder Gigging