Book Your Fishing trip in Wellfleet, MA

Book a trip to Wellfleet, MA with Guidesly and make the most out of your fishing trip. Wellfleet allows you different kinds of fishing for a fun experience!

Book Your Fishing trip in Wellfleet, MA
Book Your Fishing trip in Wellfleet, MA
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June 17, 2021, 4 min read

Updated on June 17, 2021

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Formerly known as Billingsgate, Wellfleet is a small town in Cape Cod. Although it’s a small town of around 2,750 people, Wellfleet accommodates tourists, especially anglers and surfers. During the summer, Wellfleet’s population usually swells up to six times more than its original. They usually head for White Crest Beach, a surfer’s course. Or, they head over to Cahoon Hollow Beach for a relaxing time with the family.

Another time things get exciting in Wellfleet is during October. For the whole month, Wellfleet hosts the annual October OysterFest. As one of the major oyster-culturing towns, Wellfleet holds a festival to promote awareness of oyster farms and their importance to the town and the ecosystem.  

Customize Your Wellfleet Fishing Experience

Wellfleet is a little town with big experiences. Because of the multiple ponds, Wellfleet’s most famous for offering kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is one of the most common inshore fishing experiences which allows anglers to paddle through the waters while experiencing nature. One of the most loved inshore fishing outlets in Wellfleet is Quabbin Reservoir. But before you go fishing there, you have to make sure that you adhere to all the requirements. Save yourself the stress and just hire a fishing charter, it’ll make things easier.

Wellfleet is not an easy place to navigate around without a seasoned captain due to the terrains and the restrictions placed by the town’s officials. One example is the Prescott Peninsula being completely off-limits and only some areas in Quabbin Reservoir being available for fishing. 

White Crest Beach is another fishing place Wellfleet is famous for. As one of the offshore fishing places, White Crest Beach offers a variety of fishing, including surfcasting and boat fishing. Due to its rocky terrain and high sand dunes, it’s better to hire a fishing charter from Wellfleet that can help you navigate through the waters. The fishing charters will help you figure out what spots to go to, what places to avoid, and are masters in reading the tides. Those who go fishing to White Crest Beach without a fishing charter often end up putting themselves in danger or not catching anything at all. Here’s a clear cut list of fish that are present in Wellfleet:


Fishing Season in Wellfleet

The fishing season in Wellfleet usually starts in May. As for choosing your target, Wellfleet’s most famous target is the Striped Bass. However, other fish are worth noting down from Wellfleet:

  • Striped bass - They usually appear around May. However, the bigger ones start showing up in mid-June. They enter Wellfleet Harbor around May. But the bigger ones are roaming around Herring Island, the shoals of Billingsgate Island, and the flats of Lieutenant Island. Sometimes, anglers can find them swimming around Great Point too.
  • Rainbow trout - Gull Pond appears to be always filled with rainbow trout all year round. Rainbow Trout don’t appear to have any issues with cold temperature, so people can go ice fishing for them too during winter, which is usually from December to March. Rainbow trout appear in Tispaquin Pond with other trouts such as the Brown Trout and the Lake Trout.
  • Largemouth bass - Another winter fishing target, largemouth bass stay with their smallmouth cousin in Gull Pond. Like the rainbow trout, they can be available all-year-round even during the winter months.
  • Pumpkinseed sunfish - Oftentimes, pumpkinseed sunfish can be found in either Gull Pond or Quabbin Reservoir. Anglers often take more note of their spawning time which is from late May to around late July.

Fun Things to Do in Wellfleet

1. Get Bargains at the Wellfleet Flea Market

Shopping is a good thing. But shopping and getting good prices for it is better. The Wellfleet Flea Market lets people and tourists enjoy looking and buying knick-knacks and items at good prices. Sometimes, the items might even be exclusive only to Wellfleet.  The Wellfleet Flea Market has a stock of some brands that are normally hard to get.  One of the tips from pro-bargain buyers is to go in early. That way, you’ll be able to find the good stuff and bargain with them.


2. Enjoy the Oysterfest

Wellfleet Town has survived all these years for its major contributions to the oyster farming industry. Because of their knowledge and efficiency as an oyster farming town, Wellfleet has become the home and host for the October Oysterfest. In fact, it’s what it’s constantly known for among tourists. The Oysterfest is also one of the reasons why Wellfleet gets full of people. Asides from fishing at White Crest Beach, the October Oysterfest promotes awareness of the oyster farming industry. At times, they invite chefs over to teach people how to shuck, clean, and cook oysters in the best way possible.


3. A Romantic Date in the Wellfleet Drive-in Theatre

Remember those old days when people would just drive up a car to a large screen and watch a movie? Wellfleet has one of those Drive-in Theatres. For those who are old-time hopeless romantics, bring your car to the Wellfleet Drive-in Theatre. You get to have your own snacks too. Just make sure you clean up after you’re done. 

Fish in Wellfleet and beyond.