Aransas River

Aransas County, Texas.

Aransas River midpoint in Woodsboro, Texas.

Aransas River ends in Bayside, Texas.

62.70 miles long (100.90 kilometers)

About The Aransas River

All about Aransas River, TX

Aransas River is a short river located in south Texas. Bearing the same name as the county where it outflows, as well as the bay to its southeast, all three were named after a Native American group, the Aransas, who were the original inhabitants of the area. At some point, the Aransas left and were replaced by the Copane Native Americans, whom Copano Bay is now named after. When a portion of Texas was part of a Spanish-owned Mexico, the Aransas river was used as a boundary that separated it from the Mexican state of Coahulia. 

The river rises at the confluence of the connecting creeks Olmos, Poesta, and Aransas. It then flows southeast for about 40 miles, dividing the San Patricio and the Refugio counties, where it finally ends up at Aransas county, before draining into Copano Bay and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. Both the river and the nearby Copano Bay are considered great fishing spots as the confluence of the river and the Gulf of Mexico make for a diverse marine ecosystem. 

European immigrants first settled nearby as Diego Ortiz Parilla discovered the surrounding area of Copano Bay and the Aransas river. Both played an important part in the American Civil War as a strategically important logistics port. Over the decades, settlements in the area have been found and deserted for numerous reasons like failing as port due to hidden reefs causing shipwrecks and constant Native American attacks in the settlements near the mouth of the Aransas River, 

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