Black River

Lewis County, New York.

Black River midpoint in Martinsburg, New York.

Black River ends in Dexter, New York.

246 feet (75 meters)

126.01 miles long (202.80 kilometers)

331765.80 miles (533925.47 sq kilometers)

About The Black River

About Black River, NY

The Black River is a blackwater river traversing the Jefferson, Lewis, and Oneida counties in New York, United States. It spans 125 miles long and originates in North Lake in the lower Adirondack Mountains. Before it ends in Lake Ontario, the river snakes its way past communities and smaller tributaries like Otter Brook and the Independence River in the east, and Twin Lakes Stream and Mill Creek in the west. While its name’s origin remains a mystery, it can be attributed to the fact that the Black River contains natural tannic acid that darkens its waters in some places.

The Black River is divided into three segments. The upper segment runs from North Lake to Nylon Falls, offering mountain lakes, a stream, and a sandy river before it reaches down to the middle segment, which runs from Lyons Falls to Carthage. The lower segment finishes its way to Lake Ontario.

With its generally slow, steady currents, the Black River was considered an industrial river for a long period of time, attracting lumber companies and mills in the 1800s before anglers, birdwatchers, and patchers started rebranding it as a recreational playground. Even up to this day, you can still spot run-down dams and catwalks in some parts along the river.

Black River Fishing Description