Blind Brook

Westchester County, New York.

Blind Brook midpoint in Port Chester, New York.

Blind Brook ends in Rye, New York.

9.13 miles long (14.70 kilometers)

5455.62 miles (8779.97 sq kilometers)

About The Blind Brook

Blind Brook is a River located in Westchester County, NY. Starting in West Harrison, NY the Blind Brook flows 13 miles through Port Chester, NY before ending in Rye, NY. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Blind Brook, NY

Blind Brook is a watershed wherein 96.7% of the area it covers is in Westchester County, New York. Its massive 10.91 square mile area borders Connecticut and New York. The primary function of Brind Brook is to act as a natural drainage basin and reservoir for its neighboring communities. 

The Blind Brook area is known to be significantly affected by acute flooding during heavy rainfalls. Due to the constant development of lands around the watershed, increasing downstream is one of the major flooding causes. Over the years, the government has kept trying to rehabilitate the watershed for all citizens to enjoy. Besides, this watershed is not only provided scenic views but some archaeological significance as well. Numerous relics and burial sites created by Native Americans have been unearthed and preserved in the Blind Brook Area. That is why although some areas of the watershed have eroded through time, Westchester County’s planning department dedicates time and resources to improve water quality and to preserve the existing habitats. 

Blind Brook Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Blind Brook, NY

The number of fish species in Blind Brook is not that diverse. Only a few recreational anglers visit Blind Brook regularly due to the lack of sport fishing opportunities in the area or any fish at all. However, due to Blind Brook’s wetland characteristics, the abundance of weed and other water plants attracts a few fish species looking to feed. Among the few fish species that take refuge in Blind Brook are the striped bass,  American eel, fluke, brook trout. Striped bass is the most popular fish species caught in Blind Brook. They could grow massively to over 35” in length. It’s almost impossible not to get at least one striped bass in a day trip to Blind Brook. But on bad days, most anglers just spend afternoons enjoying the calm waters and spending time with family and friends. 

The water level in Blind Brook is very shallow. Similar to nearby streams, fly fishing is also a common technique used here. Although this technique required a certain level of expertise, beginner anglers are sure to catch on quickly. Most anglers use boots or waders to go to the middle of streams and catch fish. Because of the uneven soil underneath the stream, using a kayak or a small boat in some areas is no use. However, a small boat and a bit of spinning knowledge would be an excellent pair for deeper waters. 

Blind Brook Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Almost all New York fishing spots are highly regulated by New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Open water season for striped bass across all New York waters is usually from April to November. Any striped bass caught that is smaller than 25” or bigger than 35” should be for catch-and-release fishing only. A possession limit is also strictly implemented to help conserve the number of fish in the area. From May to December, striped bass commercial fishing is permitted in all of New York. However, the amount of harvest is only limited to the permit granted by the state. The possession limit across New York waters is an attempt to fix the striped bass overfishing problem that New York is facing.

Temperature and Optimal Seasons

Fishing Seasonality