Colorado River

Matagorda County, Texas.

Colorado River midpoint in Llano, Texas.

Colorado River ends in Matagorda, Texas.

898.01 miles long (1445.20 kilometers)

10542675.09 miles (16966796.16 sq kilometers)

About The Colorado River

Colorado River is a River located in Matagorda County, TX. Starting in Ackerly, TX the Colorado River flows 713 miles through Llano, TX before ending in Matagorda, TX. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


Colorado River, TX

The Colorado River measures approximately 1,387 kilometers long, flowing its entirety in one state – Texas. Its extensive range has placed it to the most extended river identification in the state, making it to the Top 20 of the United States. From the southern part of Lubbock, the Colorado River travels through the Texas Hill and several reservoirs such as Lake J.B. Thomas, E.V. Spence Reservoir, and O.H. Ivie Lake. It then flows to Austin until it drains into Matagorda Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. Tributaries to this river are Piney Creek, Cedar Creek, Onion Creek, Walnut Creek, Concho River, Pecan Bayou, Llano River, San Saba River, Bull Creek, Pedernales River, and many more. 

The Colorado River has been of great significance in the economy, agriculture, industry, and livelihood of the people in Texas. It supports a broad span of metropolitan areas, towns, and communities of over 2 million residents through electrical power production, flood control, irrigation, and recreational activities.

Colorado River Fishing Description