Coney Island Creek

Kings County, New York.

Coney Island Creek midpoint in Brooklyn, New York.

Coney Island Creek ends in Brooklyn, New York.

3.60 miles long (5.80 kilometers)

About The Coney Island Creek

Coney Island Creek is a River located in Kings County, NY. Starting in Brooklyn, NY the Coney Island Creek flows 4 miles through Brooklyn, NY before ending in Brooklyn, NY. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Coney Island Creek, NY

Coney Island Creek is a tidal inlet located in Brooklyn, New York that is 1.8 miles long. Before, it made Coney Island an actual island as it was a three-mile-long continual strait and a partial mudflat that linked Gravesend Bay, where its mouth is, and Sheepshead Bay. The creek stops at Shell Road where a storm drain emerges from under the road. The creek’s north end is adjoined by Calvert Vaux Park, Kaiser Park on the south end and Coney Island Creek Park in the west. The eastern part of the creek flows along a private industrial property. A cable net between Cropsey and Stillwell Avenues restricts marine traffic. 

In the 20th century, Coney Island Creek was still a minimally passable waterway when industries started to develop around it. As a result, it became polluted with substances like arsenic, cyanide and benzene. The northwestern part of the inlet is known as a ship graveyard while at its southern shore, the remains of a 45-feet yellow submarine called the Quester I sticks out of the water. Baptisms are also performed at the creek. The United States Environmental Protection Agency was considering dubbing the creek as a Superfund site during late 2020 due to concerns about pollution. 

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