Dry Fork Whitewater River

Hamilton County, Ohio.

Dry Fork Whitewater River midpoint in Okeana, Ohio.

Dry Fork Whitewater River ends in Hooven, Ohio.

472 feet (144 meters)

28.40 miles long (45.70 kilometers)

About The Dry Fork Whitewater River

Dry Fork Whitewater River is a River located in Hamilton County, OH. Starting in Bath, IN the Dry Fork Whitewater River flows 28 miles through Okeana, OH before ending in Hooven, OH. The Dry Fork Whitewater River rises to an elevation of 472 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Dry Fork Whitewater River, OH

Dry Fork Whitewater River is a stream found in Hamilton Count, approximately 3 miles away from Cleves. It's reported to have an elevation of about 146 meters and is situated nearby White Water Park. It is also connected to another stream called the Fox Run which can be found near the end of the Dry Fork Whitewater River. A convenient way to reach the stream is to use 7420 Kilby Rd. 

The stream takes its name from the Whitewater Township, one of the twelve townships found in Hamilton County, Ohio. The stream passes through this county and was likely used by early settlers as means to get various commodities. It was used by ferries to transport goods since it entered through the southeast corner of Hamilton Township. It then flowed southward two miles into Whitewater and headed to the border of Indiana. 

There are several alternate names given to the stream by the locals. Some call the Dry Fork Creek, while others call it the Dry Fork White Water Creek. While creeks are commonly more turbulent than streams, they are considered interchangeable in many water scientific communities. The stream can provide ample amounts of fertile soil which some have used to grow corn in large quantities.