Lake Ontario

Monroe County, New York.

Lake Ontario ends in Webster, New York.

246 feet (75 meters)

5544.97 miles (8923.77 sq kilometers)

About The Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is a Lake located in Monroe County, NY. Starting in the Lake Ontario has a total surface area of 3445.5 miles. The Lake Ontario has an elevation of 246 feet. Find maps, fishing guides and recreation info at Guidesly.


About Lake Ontario, NY

Considered as the smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is also located at the border of New York and Canada. The southern shore of Lake Ontario covers 200 miles more of the prime New York State waterfront, offering an energizing escape for families, fishing lovers, and history enthusiasts. It guides into the St. Lawrence River and the great Thousand Islands-Seaway locale, fishing, sailing, and touring destination. 

The lake is elliptical; its central axis is 193 miles (311 km) long, lies almost east to west, and its width is 53 miles (85 km). The area of the lake's drainage is 24,720 square miles (64,025 square km), and the height of the lake's surface region is 7,340 square miles (19,011 square km).

The H. Lee White Maritime Museum is the best way to know more about Lake Ontario's history. The gallery indexes 400 years of nautical history in structures on the dock of Oswego Harbor and offers the opportunity to move onboard three vessels: a National Historic Landmark towing boat from World War II, a vintage trench boat, and a business fishing boat tracing back to 1948.

Lake Ontario Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Lake Ontario, NY

Even though known as the “smallest of the Great Lakes,” Lake Ontario is still one of the great places to go fishing. When you experience a Lake Ontario fishing trip, you will get the best experience of what the Great Lakes have in store because four of the remaining lakes stream into Lake Ontario before it goes into the Atlantic Ocean. The lake is also known as an “ecological wonder” since it upholds a wide range of wildlife and big fish. Moreover, the lake is also a source of over nine million people as their drinking water. However, the lake endured overfishing and pollution, but authorities are reestablishing its biodiversity. 

As the lake's location is in New York and the Canadian province of Ontario to the north, the lake is accessible to anglers. If you are interested in freshwater sport, the fish available are salmon, lake trout and brown trout, steelhead, walleye, and bass. There are various ways to begin on a Lake Ontario fishing trip; others rely on seasonality, and others pick targets. Some well-known ways to fish the lake are charter boats, shore fishing, and ice fishing

Lake Ontario Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

In spring, chinook salmon start to gather in the western end of the lake because when the temperature rises, they will move into deeper and colder waters. They will remain there until late August to September before heading into the feeders to produce. During summer, this time of the year, the fish are in deeper water, and the best way to catch salmon is trolling. In th