Main Creek

Richmond County, New York.

Main Creek midpoint in Staten Island, New York.

Main Creek ends in Staten Island, New York.

2.49 miles long (4.00 kilometers)

20500296.06 miles (32992038.67 sq kilometers)

About The Main Creek

Main Creek is a River located in Richmond County, NY. Starting in Staten Island, NY the Main Creek flows 3 miles through Staten Island, NY before ending in Staten Island, NY. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Main Creek, NY

Main Creek is a stream that is 2.5 miles away from Bloomfield. It is in Richmond Country, New York, and is near Fresh Kills. The restoration of the Main Creek wetland was completed in 2013. This was executed successfully by the Department of Parks and Recreation through the support of a grant from the New York Department of State’s Office of Coastal, Local Government and Community Sustainability. This small project was established to give guidance for future restoration projects within the park premise. The restoration was said to have made new salt marsh and coastal habitat and have created stability in the shoreline so as additional protection could be given to habitat that is subject to potential threat by climate change and rise of sea level. In addition, it has made progress on improving the quality of water by letting the greater interface between coastal plants and tidal waters.

Main Creek Fishing Description

All About Fishing In Main Creek, NY

Main Creek has a rich ecosystem where popular fish species exist. If you are looking for