Resaca de los Cuates

Cameron County, Texas.

Resaca de los Cuates midpoint in Rio Hondo, Texas.

Resaca de los Cuates ends in Rio Hondo, Texas.

13.36 miles long (21.50 kilometers)

About The Resaca de los Cuates

Resaca de los Cuates is a River located in Cameron County, TX. Starting in Rio Hondo, TX the Resaca de los Cuates flows 13 miles through Rio Hondo, TX before ending in Rio Hondo, TX. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Resaca de los Cuates, TX 

Resaca de Los Cuates is a 25-acre lake with a 5-meter elevation found in Cameron Country, Texas. The city nearest to the lake is Los Fresnos at 5.7 miles. It is situated southwest of Bayview city and is a reasonable distance from another lake named Resaca Reparo. You can also get to its location by traveling 3 miles southeast of San Benito or two miles west of Russelltown, and both are in Cameron County. 

Resaca de Los Cuates has a low-rolling to flat terrain. Deep in its waters are shallow to deep clay and sandy loams. Its structure allows the lake to support various kinds of underwater brush scrubs and cacti. Near its end is a stream that flows through the center of Bayview city. Its name comes from the Spanish word “cuates” which means “twins” ' or “close friends”. It was given this name because it flowed as a double stream. 

Despite being called a lake, Resaca de Los Cuates, as its name suggests, is a resaca, which are abandoned distributaries of the Rio Grande river. It was a part of it that flowed away from the main channel due to natural causes. This cut it off from the main river because there were no inlets or outlets present. Resacas are mostly freshwater and have been sources of water for humans and wildlife