Sabine Neches Canal

Jefferson County, Texas.

Sabine Neches Canal ends in Port Arthur, Texas.

10.00 miles long (16.10 kilometers)

13085831.25 miles (21059610.53 sq kilometers)

About The Sabine Neches Canal

About Sabine Neches Canal, TX

The Sabine Neches Canal is one of the busiest waterways in the entire US. Found in the southeast region of Texas and a part of the Calcasieu Parish of the state of Louisiana, the canal is a combination of parts of the Sabine River, Sabine Lake, Neches River, and Taylor Bayou.

The Sabine Neches Canal was constructed in 1909 and first had a depth of about 25 ft. In the next succeeding years, the canal continued to become deeper. Currently, the waterway is under a project that started in the early months of 2019. It aims to give it a depth of about 48 ft. and to also lengthen it more at an estimate of 64 to 77 miles. This operation is set to be finished after about twelve to fifteen years. 

Sabine Neches Canal Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Sabine Neches Canal, TX

From all of the water bodies found around the Sabine Neches Canal, the Sabine Lake is the best place to catch fish. After all, the lake is available for both commercial and sports fishing. Fish species that can be found in the area, and which are available for sports fishing, are the spotted sea trout,