Walnut Creek

Contra Costa County, California.

Walnut Creek midpoint in Pleasant Hill, California.

Walnut Creek ends in Concord, California.

7 feet (2 meters)

8.57 miles long (13.80 kilometers)

503378.02 miles (810108.65 sq kilometers)

About The Walnut Creek

About Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut creek is a northward-flowing stream located in Contra Costa County. The creek is 12.3 miles long and is a tributary to the Suisun Bay. It consists of a 146 square mile watershed basin with 5 sub-watersheds: Clayton Valley Drain, Pine Creek, San Ramon Creek, Las Trampas Creek, and Grayson Creek Watersheds.

Most of its sub-watershed remains in underdeveloped areas. Las Trampas Creek drains 27 square miles in the western Walnut Creek watershed. It then joins Las Trampas Creek in Lafayette, while Tice Creek joins from the right, forming the Walnut Creek mainstem. The San Ramon Creek also joins the mainstem underground. San Ramon Creek then flows northwards. The next tributary is Pine Creek, which at 31 square miles,  is the second largest subwatershed in the basin.  It drains the west slopes from Mount Diablo State Park to the Castle Rock Regional Recreation area.  It is then joined by Galindo Creek downstream of Monument Boulevard before joining Walnut Creek. As it drains from other sources it flows northward until Pacheco creek until reaching the confluence with Suisun Bay.

Walnut Creek City was named after the creek, when the first post office in the area was built near it during the 1860s. The creek itself was named because of the many n