Whitewater River

Hamilton County, Ohio.

Whitewater River midpoint in Liberty, Indiana.

Whitewater River ends in Hooven, Ohio.

463 feet (141 meters)

102.40 miles long (164.80 kilometers)

54552.91 miles (87794.43 sq kilometers)

About The Whitewater River

About Whitewater River, Ohio

Whitewater River is a freshwater river spanning 101 miles long, situated in Hamilton County in Ohio. While Whitewater River features multiple rapids thanks to its steep gradient, its name is considered an inaccurate depiction of the river considering its generally gentle flow throughout its long stretch.

Formed by the confluence of the East Fork and the West Fork, Whitewater River is a tributary of the Great Miami River found southeast of Indiana and southwest of Ohio. The West Fork runs 69.5 miles from Randolph County, Indiana, traveling southerly and southeasterly past Connersville and Hagerstown. The East Fork flows 56.7 miles from Darke County in Ohio, going south past Richmond until it meets the West Fork in the town of Brookville. In addition to these aforementioned places, other cities and towns situated along the river include Cambridge City, Harrison, Laurel, Metamora, and Lawrenceburg.

Whitewater River Fishing Description

About Fishing in Whitewater River, Ohio

Whitewater River offers plenty of recreational opportunities from fishing, canoeing, to kayaking. While the stream is home to more than 60 species, it is best known for its excellent channel catfish and sauger population. These two species usually reach 5 pounds and 3-5 pounds, respectively, in and around the Ohio River. But if you’re in the right spot, channel catfish in Whitewater River can reach 10 pounds, if not more. Other species in the river include largemouth and smallmouth bass, panfish, and common carp.

Anglers are required to have a license in order to experience the Whitewater River fishing action. A valid Ohio fishing license can be obtained on the Ohio DENR website, as well as at various bait shops and sporting goods stores. However, if you’re fishing the Indiana portion of the river, you need to obtain an Indiana fishing license. Also, Whitewater River provides abundant access points despite most of its surrounding land is private property. In Harrison, anglers can launch from Campbell Street and State Street. There’s also a bridge in Route 50 near the river’s mouth. Boat rental services in the area include Green Acres Canoe and Kayak Rental.

Whitewater River Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Whitewater River provides fishing action in any month of the year. Regardless of which season you’ve opted to go, your chances of having a productive fishing trip are high. This is especially true when you know about proper positioning and timing.

Spring and fall are said to be the best time to go sauger fishing. Around the months of March to May and September to November, sauger species actively form clusters around confluences, tributaries, and tailwaters near the shallows. They also tend to huddle around structures like rocks, logs, and abutments, which break the water current.

Meanwhile, the best catfish fishing happens during the summertime months. Between June to August, catfish activity is more predictable. During a hot, summer day, catfish tend to go deep in water where there’s structure so they can feed on their prey, like shad and bluegill. At night, cat-fishing becomes even better. During the period between sunset and sunrise, catfish become more active in looking for food in shallow parts of the stream. Because catfish rely on their sense of smell, the most recommended baits to use are the smelly ones like chicken livers, gutted fish, and Limburger cheese.<