Raritan Bay

Richmond County, New York.

Raritan Bay ends in Staten Island, New York.

187179856.77 miles (301236872.60 sq kilometers)

About The Raritan Bay

About Raritan Bay, NY

Located between the states of New York and New Jersey is Raritan Bay. This bay’s name comes from the Raritan people of the Lenape tribe, who originally lived in the area before the arrival of the Dutch and English settlers. It is located in the southern part of Lower New York Bay and is part of the New York Bight. Bordering the bay is Staten Island to the northwest, Perth Amboy, New Jersey to the west, Sandy Hook Bay to the east, and the Raritan Bayshore communities in Middlesex and Monmouth, New Jersey to the south. The Raritan River in New Jersey, the nearby streams, and wetland areas all drain themselves in Raritan Bay. 

The Bay’s aquatic resources were once richer than it is right now. The nearby communities depended on the bay for food and as a source of income. For most of the 19th and early 20th centuries, fishing became one of the main sources of income and food for the people in the area. 

Unfortunately, Raritan Bay’s ecology was greatly affected following the rapid industrialization of the surrounding areas. The bay has also been the site of many major and minor oil spills, and it nearly became sterile due to pollution. Environmental conservation efforts since the 1970s have restored a portion of the Bay’s old self, and conservation efforts continue to this day.

Raritan Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing In Raritan Bay, NY

Fishing has been a part of life in the Raritan Bay area since it was first established by European settlers. Despite the damage done to its ecological balance, the area remains a prime fishing destination for anglers who wish to experience fishing in an urban environment. Here you can find flounder, redfish, speckled trout, bluefish, and many other gamefish in the bay’s waters. Raritan Bay is also the perfect spot to catch striped bass in New York, particularly during summer. 

Popular fishing spots in the area include Raritan Beach, Flynns Knoll, Roamer Shoal, Keyport, and the Perth Amboy Fishing Pier and Harborside Marina. The most popular fishing techniques in the area are trolling, bottom fishing, and jigging. You can also try fly fishing on the shores close to the bay or near the Raritan River. Bottom Fishing within the bay itself is a great way to test your skills in this particular form of fishing and land you a big catch along the way. It is wise for you to bring a boat or hire one when fishing the bay’s waters, as the bay and the surrounding waters are the perfect places for boat fishing as well. 

If it’s your first time visiting Raritan Bay, or you just want to fish on the bay’s deeper waters, and you didn’t bring a boat, there are plenty of fishing charters in the area that could assist you. These charters are more than happy to assist anglers in finding the perfect spots to fish on in the bay. And if you’re fishing via a chartered boat, you wouldn’t need a permit from either New York or New Jersey as your fishing license is already covered.

Raritan Bay Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Although fishing in Raritan Bay could be done throughout the year, there are species in the area that are prohibited from being caught during certain months, such as the striped bass and black sea bass. Striped bass