April 27, 2021

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How Fishing Makes You a Better Person

How Fishing Makes You a Better Person

Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. But did you know that studies show it can help you become a better person? If you’ve been angling for years, you may already have reaped benefits from this activity. For those who just got into the hobby, you'll be glad to know that the benefits of fishing go a long way. It's a relaxing and fun way to spend your time with family and friends, it's great exercise, and it also wakes up your happy hormones. If you're new to it, we're giving you some of the reasons why you should stick to fishing. 


Want to be a Better Person? Fishing Can Help


1. It relieves stress and anxiety.

Fishing allows you to take a break from your daily grind. You can relax without anyone disturbing you because most fishing areas are far from crowded places. It allows you to commune with nature. Studies say that a relaxing atmosphere does not only help you wind down - it actually helps lower blood pressure. Just sitting on your boat or the docks with your rod may also reduce the chances of you developing other health problems because of how this stress-relieving activity lowers your cortisol or what is known as the stress hormones. Fishing can be likened to a meditative process wherein you silence your thoughts and focus on your breathing. This is why health experts have found that fishing is beneficial for people fighting off anxiety.


2. It helps you get in shape and stay physically fit.

Fishing is considered a low-impact exercise. If you're the type who is not into running or doing burpees, you can get your cardiovascular exercise through fishing. Hiking to your fishing spot or doing a fishing technique called wading encourages light lung exercise. Other techniques such as fly fishing and surf casting require repetitive arm movements. While it sounds simple, it is challenging bec