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May 5, 2021

How Fishing Supports your Immune System

How Fishing Supports your Immune System

The body is a system of organs, tissues, and cells that work together to ensure smooth and coordinated operations. When one part fails, the whole body takes the fall. When one part improves, the rest of the body benefits as well.

On that note, an activity that stimulates the immune system is a boost for the whole body. For Americans, one such activity that gets all their blood running and their muscles functioning is fishing. Fishing helps keep the body up and running, supporting your immune system. Here are some of the significant benefits of fishing to any individual’s immune system:


1. Fishing Increases Your Vitamin D Intake (Sunny Days Will Never Get Better).

Daily dose of Vitamin D at the lake every morning.

A day out in the sun will save you weeks or months of trouble. Getting some adequate sunshine means making it so much easier for your body to absorb phosphorus and calcium. These two minerals are activated by Vitamin D, and this vitamin comes abundantly from nothing less than the sun. 

Calcium and phosphorus help the body fend off diseases and maintain the efficacy of the immune system. A functional immune system is essential to your health since it means being able to defend yourself from pathogens by letting your body recover faster once invaded by bacteria and viruses.

Fishing is an outdoor adventure as well as an opportunity for your body to be exposed to the sun that will provide you with lots of Vitamin D to improve your mineral absorption.


2. Fishing Reduces Stress and Anxiety (Say Goodbye to Your Full-Time Burdens).

Fishing reduces stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety normally accompany us; while they naturally occur, they can be very pressing for many, a burden that may be very hard to fight off. However, many activities could relieve stress. For example, keeping yourself active by going outdoors and fishing can help you forget about things that disturb you. Moreover, fishing lets you get in touch with nature, reducing your anxiety.

Being out there sitting on a boat, quiet and patient, looking at the peaceful waves may provide you with the clarity you need to get over your stress and anxiety, not just for the day but perhaps for a lifetime.


3. Fishing may decrease symptoms of PTSD.

With this hostile reality, many people now suffer from mental distress, some even leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A study in 2009 concluded that fishing could lower symptoms of PTSD due to its cathartic nature. 

It is said that when one is fishing, the mind switches gears: from a stress-ridden world to a more peaceful mindset like a placid lake. This period of contemplation allows anglers to calmly reflect and distant themselves from all the world’s mundane troubles. Here’s more: fishing can even make the mood of those who suffer from PTSD better. The studies reported that a 32 percent reduction in guilt was found after only three days of fly fishing.  

Additionally, it has been reported that hostile feelings were down by 43 percent. Though stressors don’t absolutely vanish after a few days of fishing, doing this activity can make life more manageable.


4. Fishing Improves Cardiovascular Health (The Heart to Fish Means A Healthy Heart)


Research shows that 30 minutes of fishing activity a week could help you avoid or reduce the risk of a heart attack and other related conditions. Fishing, which includes major physical actions, can reduce your blood pressure. Moreover, capturing your own fish for dinner should definitely become more of a habit. Try to incorporate tuna, lake trout, and albacore tuna into your diet.

Fish are known to be rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These unsaturated fats, along with other nutrients and minerals found in fish, can decrease your risk of having heart diseases. In fact, Mayo Clinic reported that the American Heart Association suggested that we eat fish at least twice a week.

What better way to ensure that you get enough of omega-3 than fishing for yourself. If you’re wondering which fish are the best resources for this, you can try hunting down some tuna, cod, or sardines. So, book a fishing charter and enjoy the adventure that could also make your heart even healthier.


5. Fishing Cleans Out Your Lungs (Inhale, and Excel at Fishing)

Getting away from the usual hustle and bustle caused by traffic is something you must do. Air pollution remains a deleterious global problem, and it can lead to many unpleasant effects on your body, including breathing problems. These seemingly minute problems may lead to heart diseases that kill almost 100,000 Americans.

Spending time outside can help you get rich oxygen into your body, and one of the most common ways to do this is through fishing. That and exercise will get you going for an even longer time with healthy lungs and a fit body.


6. Fishing Can  Make You Physically Fit (Holistic Fishing Experience)

Physically fit

Fishing is an incredibly fun physical activity. Imagine casting your lines, reeling in a big catch, wading through the waters, exploring new fishing spots, and so on: it is a total package, a cardiovascular exercise you should not miss!

Furthermore, fishing can help you work on your muscles, improve your balance, and develop your back, arms, shoulders, and legs.


7. Fishing Develops Your Concentration and Patience (Beating the Fish Out of Their Game)

With all these technological advances or distractions, several studies have noted that people may be having shorter attention spans. In fact, with all those bright lights from our phones and laptops, we may have shorter attention spans than fish. 

To beat that, why not try fishing which improves your concentration? Watch out for those little creatures that apparently can focus longer than you.

Enjoy fishing and all the benefits that go along with it. Now, get your fishing gear and your immune system up and running!