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May 8, 2021

When a Guide Knows When to Move On From a Fishing Spot

When a Guide Knows When to Move On From a Fishing Spot

Picture this scenario: It’s a great day for fishing. You pack all your fishing must-haves and head out to your favorite fishing location. You rent a boat and paddle out to the spot where you usually catch some of the best fish you’ve ever caught. You hook your bait and cast your line into the water. 

Now, you wait. 

Half an hour later, you’re still waiting for a bite. But it’s okay, as you know, patience is key to catching a fish. After one hour, though, still nothing. Two hours have passed, not even a nibble. Now, it’s beginning to concern you. Now you’re thinking, “I’ve always caught at least a fish in this same spot. What seems to be the problem?” After three hours of casting and retrieving your line in the same spot, you now think that maybe this is just not your day.

Yes, we’ve all been there. The truth is, it’s tough to turn your back away from your favorite fishing spot, especially if you have been successful tons of times in that exact same spot before. But if it’s not producing anything, maybe it’s time to move along, or else you might waste your precious time fishing in an area all day long with nothing to show for it.

Sure, you can always find a spot where you can catch something. If you have a fish finder, of course, it will make it a lot easier. But if you want your fishing trips to be hassle-free, especially on days like these, you may want to consider hiring a fishing guide as they would know when to stay or when to go.


How a Guide Knows When to Move On

To give you an idea of how fishing guides know when to move on from a fishing spot, here are some of the factors they usually look for:


No Baitfish, No Gamefish

A guide would check if baitfish are present in the area. If they are, chances are, there are also gamefish like basssnook, redfish, or pike swimming nearby. If that’s the case, maybe your quarries are just not that interested in what you’re luring them in, and a fishing guide can definitely help you out with that by showing you the different bait presentations you can use to catch specific fishing species. However, if there are no baitfish or predatory activity, you will definitely have to move on to another spot, which a fishing guide will also be happy to show you where.


Subtle Changes in Fish Habitat

A fishing guide will assess the area if there are some structural changes or if the water temperature has changed as these factors can actually make fish move to another location. Because of the guide’s familiarity with the location, he or she can easily notice any changes, no matter how subtle these changes may be. If your guide notices any difference in an area, he or she would definitely advise you to move.


Spawning Behaviors

A seasoned guide would certainly know the spawning behaviors and activities of the different gamefish in a fishing location. As you may have already known, many fish species tend to either migrate to other parts of the water or get busy mating during spawning seasons. And this may well be the reason why you’re not getting any bite at the moment. In situations like these, your guide can either tell you where the spawning grounds may be or just teach you the different techniques on how to lure these spawning fish into your trap.


For Hassle-Free Fishing, Get a Guide

You’re probably thinking: but I’m an experienced angler, and I’ve gone fishing a thousand times before—so why would I need a guide?

Well, the quick answer to that question is: it all boils down to a seasoned guide’s overall fishing knowledge, skill, and familiarity with the location and species you’re trying to catch. You see, fishing guides are more than just someone who’ll point you to a great fishing spot. He or she can also teach you the best tricks in attracting different types of fish and show you how to use the latest equipment. Lastly, because fishing guides practically live and breathe fishing, he or she would certainly know when is the best time to move on to a different fishing spot.

Yes, fishing can be fun and a great time to relax and be one with nature. However, if you’re not catching anything on your favorite fishing spot, several factors might be at play here, and these can affect how successful your fishing trip will be. With all his or her experience in catching a fish, a seasoned fishing guide can help you out in deciding if staying in a certain spot can still be fruitful or if you need to move on. So, if you want your fishing trips to be hassle-free, hiring a fishing guide is definitely the best way to go!