Book Your Fishing Charter in Falmouth, MA

Book your next fishing trip in Falmouth, Massachusetts! Great fishing experience for both freshwater and deep sea anglers.

Book Your Fishing Charter in Falmouth, MA
Book Your Fishing Charter in Falmouth, MA
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August 3, 2021, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Are you planning to go fishing in Massachusetts? Visit Falmouth and get captivated by its coastal waters.

Named after a town in England, Falmouth has always been a fishing town and known for other industries like agriculture, shipbuilding, whaling, and berry cultivation.

Falmouth is located in southeastern Massachusetts, surrounded by waters from Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. Local and touring anglers love to visit the place for fishing, swimming, and other activities. 


Falmouth Fishing Spots

Anglers visit Falmouth because bodies of water surround it. You can opt for freshwater fishing among its many rivers and ponds or go saltwater fishing.

Inland waters are scattered all over town, from North Falmouth to each of the West and East end. Choose your freshwater destination from Grews Pond, Jenkins Pond, Long Pond, Deep Pond, and Coonnamessett Pond.

Coastal fishing is popular in Falmouth since it is surrounded by beaches. One of the most famous beaches and fishing destinations in town is Old Silver Beach, located in the northwest part of town.

But it’s the east side of Falmouth that is filled with harbors and fishing spots. From Succonnesset Shoal, Waquoit Bay, Menauhant Beach, down to Nobska Lighthouse. You can also visit Falmouth Town Harbor Bulkhead for a fishing day with your kids.

Anglers love to go deep sea fishing in Falmouth through charter boats. Go farther south to Vineyard Sound and catch some tautog, haddock, pollock, and cod.

With all these options, one whole day of fishing isn’t enough. So plan your fishing vacation to explore more waters and reel in some huge fish


Falmouth Fishing All Year Round

In Falmouth, expect fish throughout the year.

Spring is the ideal time to go fishing here. During this season, the sea is abundant with excellent gamefish like striped bass, halibut, pollock, flounder, Atlantic mackerel, and even porbeagle shark.

Summer is also an excellent season for fishing. You’ll find black seabass, tautog, weakfish, bluefish, and bluefin tuna, especially between May and June.

Expect more pollock in the fall with some fair sighting of tautog, Atlantic mackerel, and cod.

Winter may be cold, but fishing during this season is still hot with fish like haddock, halibut, and porbeagle shark that would give you a great fight. 

Spend Your Vacation in Falmouth

If you want to spend your vacation in Falmouth, you have to try different activities available in town. Don’t limit yourself to fishing. You’ll find a lot of activities to spend your lovely time on – touristy or not.



Explore Falmouth in the best, unique way possible. Try geocaching – an activity that allows you to explore the town while “treasure-hunting” for hidden caches. They can be anywhere and of any size and contains anything from a headband to bracelets. When you find a cache, log your name, and swap or leave items for others to find.


2. Bike Your Way Around

Shining Sea Bikeway is one of the must-bike strips in Falmouth. Bike rentals are available around town and are one of the best ways to tour around while being mesmerized by the view.



If you really can’t reel yourself out of the water, you might want to try crabbing. This is one activity that locals do, especially during summer. With simple equipment and without the need for a permit, this can be a good vacation experience. 


Fish in Falmouth and beyond.