Arroyo Colorado Cutoff

Cameron County, Texas.

Arroyo Colorado Cutoff ends in Rio Hondo, Texas.

3.79 miles long (6.10 kilometers)

About The Arroyo Colorado Cutoff

About Arroyo Colorado Cutoff, TX 

The Arroyo Colorado Cutoff is a cultural water feature or otherwise known as a dredged channel in Cameron Country. It is approximately 90 miles long and this is where the Arroyo Colorado River enters towards the Laguna Madre lagoon. It has an elevation of 1 meter and can be found between east of Arroyo City Subdivision Colonia and southwest of McGilvery Island. 

As a channel, it is one of the deepest parts of the Arroyo river. It’s also part of the Arroyo Colorado River, which flows eastward at about 89.000 miles. Its length allows it to pass through the Hidalgo, Cameron, and Willacy counties in Texas. The river, and by extension, the channel, get their waters from the Llano Grande lake.  

The origin of the Arroyo Colorado comes from the Spanish language. When roughly translated to English, it means “red creek bed", hinting at the color of the creek bed as observed by the early settlers. Very near the channel is Arroyo City, which at 17 miles southwest, would be a short 20-minute drive. You’ll be able to find a variety of fish camps if you decide to visit.    

Arroyo Colorado Cutoff Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Arroyo Colorado Cutoff, TX

The water coming from Llano Grande lake allows the Arroyo Colorado Cutoff to have a healthy population of freshwater fish. Its depth also lets it have e