Brazos River

Brazoria County, Texas.

Brazos River midpoint in Nolanville, Texas.

Brazos River ends in Freeport, Texas.

937.15 miles long (1508.20 kilometers)

29102816.67 miles (46836457.87 sq kilometers)

About The Brazos River

Brazos River is a River located in Brazoria County, TX. Starting in Rule, TX the Brazos River flows 658 miles through Nolanville, TX before ending in Freeport, TX. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


Brazos River, TX

The Brazos River is one of the longest rivers in the United States of America at more than a thousand miles in length from its headwaters to its mouth located entirely in one state – Texas. Its name originated from the Spanish words, Rio de Los Brazos de Dios, which means “The River of the Arms of God.” From the head of the Blackwater Draw in New Mexico, the Brazos River converges at the upper forks of Salt and Double Mountain in Stonewall County. The Clear Fork combines with the river somewhere in Young County, making it another major tributary of the Brazos River until it empties into the Gulf of Mexico at South Freeport City in Brazoria County. Other tributaries include the Bosque, San Gabriel, Nolan, Leon, Navasota, and the Lampasas Rivers. 

As the largest river in Texas, the Brazos River seems to outline the boundary between the eastern and western portions of Texas. It passes through most of the physiographic terrains in Texas, such as the Blackland Prairie, Coastal Sand Plains, and the Edwards Plateau.

Brazos River Fishing Description

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