Canoas Creek

Santa Clara County, California.

Canoas Creek midpoint in San Jose, California.

Canoas Creek ends in San Jose, California.

151 feet (46 meters)

7.33 miles long (11.80 kilometers)

About The Canoas Creek

Canoas Creek is a River located in Santa Clara County, CA. Starting in San Jose, CA the Canoas Creek flows 7 miles through San Jose, CA before ending in San Jose, CA. The Canoas Creek rises to an elevation of 151 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Canoas Creek, CA

The Canoas Creek is a small river located in South San Jose, California. It is just 2.4 miles away from the neighborhood of Seven Trees, a recently incorporated census-designated place within San Jose. Do not confuse this creek with the similarly named Canoas Creek in Fresno County. This Canoas Creek is in Santa Clara County, California. 

Canoas Creek is a tributary of the Guadalupe River. This river is the southernmost US river that has a salmon run. This event makes the Guadalupe a popular fishing destination for anglers looking for a place to catch chinook salmon other than going north. 

In the past, Canoas Creek and the Guadalupe River were two separate bodies of water. Canoas creek was once a series of ponds and wetlands called the “Arroyo de las Tulares de las Canoas” due to the abundance of Tule plants in the area. Then, in 1899, the city of San Jose used prisoners from Santa Clara County’s prison to dig a channel connecting Canoas Creek to the Guadalupe River. 

Although it doesn’t possess such a prized gamefish, Canoas Creek is by no means a lesser option than its parent river. Visiting anglers can catch a variety of other prize freshwater gamefish here, such as trout and bass. The creek is also perfect for anglers who want to cast their lines on a less crowded fishing spot. 

Canoas Creek Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Canoas Creek, CA

Freshwater gamefish abound in Canoas Creek. Anglers will find largemouth bass, carp, rainbow and brown trout, and catfish in its waters. The creek’s brackish waters make it the perfect hiding spot for a variety of gamefish. Largemouth bass and catfish make their homes in these kinds of waters. If you’re looking for these gamefish, Canoas Creek is the place to go. 

Popular spots in Canoas Creek include the Guadalupe River, Los Gatos Creek, Ross Creek, and Dry Creek. The Guadalupe River itself deserves special mention because of the salmon run that happens from May to September. If taking a trip north isn’t your style, or you just want a different spot to catch salmon, this is the place to go. Spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing are the popular fishing techniques in the area. 

If it’s your first time visiting Canoas Creek, you’ll be pleased to know that there are fishing charters and bait shops nearby. You can ask these shops for help if you’re unsure of how to fish in the area. These shops know the area well and can assist you in finding the perfect fishing spot or bait for your trip. 

Canoas Creek Seasonal & Other Description