Chocolate Bayou

Brazoria County, Texas.

Chocolate Bayou midpoint in Alvin, Texas.

Chocolate Bayou ends in Liverpool, Texas.

38.28 miles long (61.60 kilometers)

50327.38 miles (80994.10 sq kilometers)

About The Chocolate Bayou

About Chocolate Bayou, Texas

Chocolate Bayou is a freshwater river situated in Brazoria County in Texas. Located near the Houston-Galveston area, it runs in a generally southeastward direction and empties into Chocolate Bay. Chocolate Bayou’s watershed is mostly found within Brazoria County, running across cities including Alvin, Arcola, Manvel, and Village of Iowa Colony. It is approximately a 10-mile drive from these towns.

There is an ongoing community project to improve the water quality of Chocolate Bayou. High concentrations of bacteria found in both human and animal waste have been present in its watershed since 2010, posing a health risk to anyone who comes in contact with its waters. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and key stakeholders are working hand-in-hand to reduce bacteria and preserve recreational safety not only of the bayou but also of its neighboring watersheds.

Chocolate Bayou Fishing Description

About Fishing in Chocolate Bayou, Texas

There’s a wide assortment of species you can find in Chocolate Bayou. The most popular are