Chualar Creek

Monterey County, California.

Chualar Creek midpoint in Chualar, California.

Chualar Creek ends in Salinas, California.

75 feet (23 meters)

14.79 miles long (23.80 kilometers)

About The Chualar Creek

Chualar Creek is a River located in Monterey County, CA. Starting in Chualar, CA the Chualar Creek flows 15 miles through Chualar, CA before ending in Salinas, CA. The Chualar Creek rises to an elevation of 75 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Chualar Creek, CA

Hidden in Monterey County, California, is the Chualar Creek. The creek sits close to the small census-designated place of Chualar, California. Chualar Creek is located 1.6 miles west of Chualar and has an elevation of 75.50 feet. This place, in turn, is located just 10 miles southeast of the city of Salinas, in Salinas Valley. Salinas Valley is one of the major valleys in California and an agricultural area in the state. The valley is a source of crops and livestock in the area, with Chualar once owned by the Johnson family. 

Going back a bit more on the history of Chualar and the Salinas Valley, a Native American tribe called the Esselen were the first settlers of the areas of the Salinas Valley. The Rumsen group: a tribe belonging to the Ohlone-speaking people, displaced this earlier tribe and settled in the area. During the Spanish colonization, the Spaniards granted large tracts of land to settlers in the region, one of them being Rancho Las Salinas. This ranch includes modern-day Salinas and lasted until the Americans took control of California during the Mexican-American War. 

Chualar’s first post office was opened in 1871 and was closed in 1873, only to be re-opened a year later. Chualar was also the site of the most severe road accident in US history. In September 1963, a train collided with a pas