Copano Creek

Aransas County, Texas.

Copano Creek midpoint in Refugio, Texas.

Copano Creek ends in Rockport, Texas.

30.51 miles long (49.10 kilometers)

About The Copano Creek

About Copano Creek, Texas

Copano Creek is a freshwater river located in Aransas County, Texas. The stream is a 9.9-mile drive from the town of Fulton, near Holiday Beach. It was named after the Copane Indians, one of five groups under the Karankawas, an indigenous people occupying the mid-Texas coast.

Alongside Aransas River and Mission River, Copano Creek is one of the freshwater suppliers of Copano Bay, a diverse estuary that serves as a northwestern extension of Aransas Bay. In addition to being an excellent area for fly fishing, Copano Bay boasts a colorful history. Cabeza De Vaca, a Spanish explorer, is said to have been the first European who saw the bay in the early 16th century. Diego Ortiz Parrilla, a Spanish military officer, explored it in 1766, becoming the first European to have done so.

Copano Creek Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Copano Creek, Texas

Copano Creek offers one of the best fly fishing for redfish, trout, and