Deep Creek

Tulare County, California.

Deep Creek midpoint in Farmersville, California.

Deep Creek ends in Tulare, California.

318 feet (97 meters)

12.68 miles long (20.40 kilometers)

About The Deep Creek

All About Deep Creek, CA

Deep Creek is a stream located in Tulare County. It is 1.3 kilometers long and starts flowing at its source, Lake Kaweah. From there, water flows westward into the mouth of Lane Slough. It then continues west alongside other streams like Croaker Cut, Johnson Slough, and Kaweah River. As it moves further west Deep Creek divides into more tunnelways and canals providing irrigation for Tulare County.

Lake Kaweah, the source of Deep Creek, is a reservoir near Lemon Cove. Water from the lake originates from the Sierra Mountain Range draining 560 square miles into Lake Kaweah. The lake is mostly used for flood-control and can hold up to 185,000 acre-ft. For most of the year, the lake is kept either drained or at a low-level. On some occasions, rainwater spills out of the reservoir because of huge rainstorms. In 2004, a government project raised the height of the lake by 21ft, giving the lake an extra 42,000 acre-ft in space.

Tulare was once occupied by a Native American group, the Yokuts, for thousands of years. The first European settlers in the area were the Spanish missionaries, who were converting the Yokuts into Christianity. The Tulare lake was first discovered by the Spanish immigrants when Comandante Pedro Fages stumbled upon the great lake while hunting for deserters. He named the area Los Tules, as the plant was found all over the area. 

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