Guadalupe River

Santa Clara County, California.

Guadalupe River midpoint in San Jose, California.

Guadalupe River ends in Alviso, California.

7 feet (2 meters)

15.60 miles long (25.10 kilometers)

131426.39 miles (211510.33 sq kilometers)

About The Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River is a River located in Santa Clara County, CA. Starting in San Jose, CA the Guadalupe River flows 16 miles through San Jose, CA before ending in Alviso, CA. The Guadalupe River rises to an elevation of 7 feet and has a surface area of 81,665 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About The Guadalupe River, CA

Guadalupe River is a narrow 14-mile long waterway that runs across the city of San Jose in California. It flows northward from the small neighborhood of Erikson at the southern part of the city, to the Alviso Slough where it empties to the southernmost part of the San Francisco Bay. Although the river has many smaller tributaries throughout its whole length, its three major tributaries (namely Los Gatos, Los Alamitos, and Guadalupe Creeks, which in turn, are fed by smaller tributaries originating from the Santa Cruz Mountains) keep the flow of the river alive.

The river was named in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe by Juan Bautista de Anza, a Spanish explorer who camped along the banks of the river in 1776. Historically, the river was shorter and narrower back then. But with the construction of watersheds, channels, culverts, and storm sewers, as well as the re-routing of some natural streams and other small tributaries throughout the river, it became what it is today—a long, strong-flowing waterway that is home to a huge population of wildlife including beavers, terns, and a wide array of fish species.