Hoosic River

Rensselaer County, New York.

Hoosic River midpoint in Petersburg, New York.

Hoosic River ends in Schaghticoke, New York.

66 feet (20 meters)

75.68 miles long (121.80 kilometers)

3509683.31 miles (5648289.53 sq kilometers)

About The Hoosic River

Hoosic River is a River located in Rensselaer County, NY. Starting in Berkshire, MA the Hoosic River flows 76 miles through Petersburg, NY before ending in Schaghticoke, NY. The Hoosic River rises to an elevation of 66 feet and has a surface area of 2,180,816 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Hoosic River, NY

The Hoosic River is a 76.3 mile-long stream in New York. It’s one of the tributaries of the Hudson River in the northeastern part of the country. Also sometimes referred to as Hoosac, the river’s name can mean either “the beyond place” due to being situated outside of Hudson, or “the stony place” as a reference to its stony bottom.

The Hoosic River is formed by streams coming from the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Taconic Mountains of New York, and the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, that is why it is called a three-state river. This watershed is home to dozens of placid reservoirs, woody habitats, steep streams, bouldery runs, deep slow pools, and other features that make it a favorite recreational destination for anglers and non-anglers alike. It has two main branches: the South Branch and the North Branch. From south of Cheshire Reservoir where it originates, the Hoosic travels through communities, forests, and smaller tributaries until it reaches the community of Stillwater on the Hudson River. Its main tributaries include the Little Hoosic, the Owl Kill, the Little Hoosic River, the Green River, and the Tomhannock Reservoir.<