Lake Lery

Plaquemines County, Louisiana.

Lake Lery ends in Violet, Louisiana.

13.28 miles (21.37 sq kilometers)

About The Lake Lery

About Lake Lery, LA

Lake Lery is a bay situated in Plaquemines County, Louisiana. Located 6 miles away from Poydras, its bowl-shaped body is 4,8333 acres in size and houses shallow water, canals, and milfoil mats. It belongs to the group of water bodies surrounding Delacroix Island, a popular travel destination. It is also part of what makes Louisiana a prime destination for recreational water activities. Featuring some of the most vibrant and diverse natural habitats on earth, the state of Louisiana and its abundant water bodies offer plenty of opportunities for different sports such as kayaking, flyboarding, river tubing, and freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Lake Lery Fishing Description

About Fishing in Lake Lery, LA

Louisiana is beloved by many anglers for its exceptional fisheries, and Lake Lery is among the best of them. While being one of the state’s prime locations for largemouth bass, the lake also has red drum, black drum,