Little Buttonwood Sound

Monroe County, Florida.

Little Buttonwood Sound ends in Key Largo, Florida.

2302924.29 miles (3706198.54 sq kilometers)

About The Little Buttonwood Sound

About Little Buttonwood Sound, FL

Little Buttonwood Sound is a bay that is located in the Monroe County of Florida. It is near the upper Florida Keys towns and communities of Key Largo, Newport and Rock Harbor and is situated just south of Boggy Key and Blackwater Sound. Below the bay is the larger Buttonwood Sound which is spotted at the top of Key Largo and to the right of Swash Keys. The bay can also be found east of Tarpon Basin and Grouper Creek and west of Porjoe Key. The Everglades National Park is also placed just south of the bay.

Little Buttonwood Sound is circular in shape and is surrounded by marsh and mangrove trees, its bottom riddled with coral reefs. The bay is hydrologically disconnected from Florida Bay, and responds mainly to the localized precipitation and evaporation regime and the tidal interflow across Key Largo. The bay is also rich in vegetation, especially with its namesake, buttonwood. Its salinity is also dependent on seasonal changes, with the winter bringing significantly lower salinity levels compared to the summertime.

Little Buttonwood Sound Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Little Buttonwood Sound, FL

As it surrounds the town of Key Largo, Little Buttonwood Sound and the nearby similar bodies of water possess a combination of warm and nutrient-rich waters of the Caribbean Basin a