Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal

Jefferson County, Texas.

Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal ends in Beaumont, Texas.

39 feet (12 meters)

32.93 miles long (53.00 kilometers)

1445308.96 miles (2326000.01 sq kilometers)

About The Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal

All About the Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal, TX

Established in 1933 the Lower Neches Valley Authority Canal (LNVA) is one of 23 river authorities created by the state of Texas to conserve, store, control, preserve, utilize and distribute the waters to the surrounding area. The authorities are in large part connected to and get water from the Neches River Basin and the Neches-Trinity Coastal Basin. When combined, the authorities occupy 10,300 square miles.  The canal has a maximum length of 400 miles and covers the Tyler, Hardin, Liberty, Chambers, and Jefferson counties, where it supplies and irrigates fresh water for the local agriculture industry. 

The Neches River Basin as a whole flows for 416 miles in east Texas, through its many authorities, before outflowing to Sabine Lake and eventually, the Gulf of Mexico. It is also a predominantly natural river, meaning that with the exception of a few dams and man-made lakes it is nearly untouched.  Its natural state has made the surrounding area a site for national forests, refuges, and even a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve and makes it a home for fish species, migratory birds, specifically as a wintering habitat for waterfowls like wood ducks. 

The authority canal was left undeveloped for a decade after it was built. It was only in 1943 that it was bought from the Texas Public Service Company for $