Madeira Bay

Monroe County, Florida.

Madeira Bay ends in Homestead, Florida.

7711961.93 miles (12411203.50 sq kilometers)

About The Madeira Bay

About Madeira Bay, FL

Madeira Bay is a saltwater bay located in Monroe County, Florida. It is bordered by the Everglades National Park, which closes it off from easy land access. This secluded, shallow water body has a maximum water depth of 3 feet and is separated from Florida Bay by a shoal known as the Crocodile Dragover. Because of its geography, anglers who opt for more peaceful fishing spots will definitely enjoy Madeira Bay.

Madeira Bay is located just beside the protected wildlife areas, Little Madeira Bay and Joe Bay, which were closed to protect and support the increase of population of the then threatened American crocodile. Joe Bay has partially reopened in 2016, after 30 years of closure, to allow non-motorized boating and catch-and-release fishing. Anglers may want to enjoy a casual fishing trip in Joe bay after a run in Madeira Bay.

Madeira Bay Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Madeira Bay, FL

The entire shoreline of Madeira Bay is lined with mangroves, which attract fish to feed near the shore. Skilled anglers may want to try the accuracy of their casts as fish in this area tend to hide rather quickly between the roots of the mangroves. Baits and lures also need to be placed as closely as possible to the targeted fish in order to steer them away from the abundant natural food available in the waters.

Most Florida Bay fish may be spotted in Madeira Bay, such as snook