Mill Creek

Hamilton County, Ohio.

Mill Creek midpoint in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mill Creek ends in Cincinnati, Ohio.

469 feet (143 meters)

28.52 miles long (45.90 kilometers)

249719.93 miles (401885.40 sq kilometers)

About The Mill Creek

Mill Creek is a River located in Hamilton County, OH. Starting in Hamilton, OH the Mill Creek flows 29 miles through Cincinnati, OH before ending in Cincinnati, OH. The Mill Creek rises to an elevation of 469 feet and has a surface area of 155,169 square miles. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Mill Creek, OH

The Mill Creek is a stream found in southwest Ohio approximately 5.7 miles from Delaware County. Its headwaters originate from Liberty Township, where it flows 28.4 miles southwest and south. The stream passes through both Butler County and Hamilton County, with a mouth that opens up to the Ohio River just west of downtown Cincinnati. It flows through all three counties, allowing it to drain about 169 square miles. 

Nearby the stream is the Mill Creek Valley which research shows was a remnant of the Deep Stage of Ohio River formed during the days of the Last Glacial Maximum, a time where the ice sheets covered most of North America. The stream was considered to be essential towards the development of Cincinnati. The steam paved the way for the city to grow and improve thanks to its water power and connection to the valley. 

 The steep hillsides that surrounded the creek helped protect early communities, though it limited their expansion. But eventually, the communities nearby became industrialized, but this change negatively affected the stream. During the 20th century, it was seen as “a great open city sewer”. It came to a poi