Mill River

Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Mill River midpoint in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Mill River ends in Taunton, Massachusetts.

7 feet (2 meters)

5.41 miles long (8.70 kilometers)

62017.76 miles (99807.94 sq kilometers)

About The Mill River

About Mill River, MA

Mill River is located in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. It is a tributary of the dam-free and scenic Taunton River. The river is 4 miles long and flows from Lake Sabbatia. 

In 1921, the Mill River was considered not viable for fishing based on the alewife, a fish species that once spawned in this river in great numbers. Because the river can no longer sustain life, it was declared unsuitable for future fisheries. However, thanks to the overflowing concern and hard work from various communities, partnerships, and watershed alliances, life in the river slowly came back.

Life in the river was seen coming back in 2018 when the alewife fish spawned once again. The following year, there were 7,000 river herring that ran in Mill River during the migration season and the numbers grew even more in 2020 where over 13,000 river herring graced it. The main thing that made this possible is removing three obsolete dams and constructing a fish ladder on the fourth.

Mill River Fishing Description