Mokelumne River

San Joaquin County, California.

Mokelumne River midpoint in Clements, California.

Mokelumne River ends in Bethel Island, California.

74.07 miles long (119.20 kilometers)

1539665.57 miles (2477852.32 sq kilometers)

About The Mokelumne River

Mokelumne River is a River located in San Joaquin County, CA. Starting in Glencoe, CA the Mokelumne River flows 89 miles through Clements, CA before ending in Bethel Island, CA. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Mokelumne River, CA

Mokelumne River is located in northern California. Streaming 95 miles (153 km) west of the central Sierra Nevada and into the Central Valley, its main tributary is the Cosumnes River. The Mokelumne River covers about 2,143 square miles of five California counties. With its parts divided into two, the Upper Mokelumne River refers to the course from the headwaters until Pardee Reservoir. On the other hand, the Lower Mokelumne River covers the part of the river below Camanche Dam. The lower course of the river is utilized heavily for irrigation. It is also responsible for providing water to several locations like the eastern portion of San Francisco Bay Area through the link of the Mokelumne Aqueduct. 

The Mokelumne River is known for whitewater kayaking. With five locations notable for this recreational activity, the river is home to the following: Fantasy Falls, Devil’s Nose, Ponderosa, Tiger Creek Dam, and Electra-Middle Bar. Besides kayaking, other hobbies that are popular in the area would be water play, birdwatching, fishing, camping, gold panning, spring wildflower watching, and picnics. Two campgrounds are conveniently near the area by Salt Springs. Besides Mokelumne RIver, White Azalea and Moore Creek can also be visited.