Mosquito Lagoon

Volusia County, Florida.

Mosquito Lagoon ends in Oak Hill, Florida.

83206499.87 miles (133907922.75 sq kilometers)

About The Mosquito Lagoon

About Mosquito Lagoon, FL

Mosquito Lagoon is one of the three main lagoons in the Indian River Lagoon system. Positioned at the east coast of Florida, the 28-mile long lagoon covers Brevard and Volusia counties and extends from the Ponce de Leon Inlet to the north of Cape Canaveral, which then connects to the Indian River through the Haulover Canal. The lagoon is one of the largest undeveloped bodies of water situated in the eastern side of Florida.

Also referred to as “Los Mosquitos,” the Mosquito Lagoon experienced tons of algal blooms that are known as “brown tides,” which contributed to numerous fish kills. A species called the Aureoumbra lagunensis was first detected in the lagoon’s waters back in 2005 and has been prevalent since then. The most number of fish kills caused by this algal organism was recorded in 2012, 2016, 2018, and 2020.  

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Mosquito Lagoon, FL 

In Mosquito Lagoon, the most productive fish species to spot would be tarpon, red drum, <