Mud Bayou

Harris County, Texas.

Mud Bayou midpoint in High Island, Texas.

Mud Bayou ends in High Island, Texas.

7 feet (2 meters)

7.08 miles long (11.40 kilometers)

About The Mud Bayou

Mud Bayou is a River located in Harris County, TX. Starting in High Island, TX the Mud Bayou flows 7 miles through High Island, TX before ending in High Island, TX. The Mud Bayou rises to an elevation of 7 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Mud Bayou, TX

Mud Bayou in Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, is a stream 30 miles southwest of Beaumont in Southwestern Jefferson County. It flows westward for 12 miles towards its mouth on East Bay Bayou, and two miles northwest of High Island. The bayou cuts through the low-lying marshes near the Texas Gulf Coast and has a dominant vegetation of croplands in the surrounding area. It forms a part of the boundary between Chambers County and Galveston County as it enters the former. The bayou is also nearby the Horseshoe Bend and Port Arthur. 

The water body is near the High Island Bridge, where the passage of military, civilian, and commercial vessels took place for over 30 years. Mud Bayou is also a popular hunting spot for waterfowl. However, recreational activities have created a disturbance to the wildlife in the area, depriving coots and ducks of breeding in the area. Hunting and fishing within the vicinity have also affected the distribution of waterfowl, wigeon, and mallards. 

Mud Bayou Fishing Description

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