Napa River

Solano County, California.

Napa River midpoint in Boyes Hot Springs, California.

Napa River ends in Crockett, California.

57.85 miles long (93.10 kilometers)

About The Napa River

Napa River is a River located in Solano County, CA. Starting in Calistoga, CA the Napa River flows 58 miles through Boyes Hot Springs, CA before ending in Crockett, CA. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Napa River, CA

Napa River is a 55-mile stream that takes up almost the entirety of Napa County in the state of California. It drains the Napa Valley along the mountains that are north of San Francisco Bay. Its watershed borders approximately 426 miles that are then drained on a 55-mile journey from Mt. St. Helena at the north to San Pablo Bay at the south through the Napa-Sonoma Marsh. With that said, it is also one of the largest rivers in the Central Coast Range. It has 47 tributaries, including the Dry, Conn, and Soda creeks, that run through a farmed and half urbanized valley. It also has Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, and Mt. George to its east, and the Macayama Mountains to its west. The stream runs through a variety of landscapes, including vineyards, urban areas, grasslands, open pasture, industrial zones, forested mountain slopes, and marshes. Lake Hennessey, Lake Milliken, and Bell Canyon Reservoir are all included in the Napa River watershed. 

There have been reports of bacterial contamination in the stream, so it is not advisable to swim down here, especially within the area of urban properties. There have also been reports of run-offs caused by pollution, causing the oxygen available produced by algae bloom to decrease. Some sediment deposits have also caused harmful effects to the residing anadromous fish species in the area. However, it has been said that the upper, cleaner portions of the watershed are still safe to swim in. Popular activities done here are kayaking, paddleboarding, motorboating, wildlife watching, boating, hiking, strolling, and fishing.  <