Napeague Harbor

Suffolk County, New York.

Napeague Harbor ends in Amagansett, New York.

2193933.86 miles (3530795.39 sq kilometers)

About The Napeague Harbor

All About Napeague Harbor, NY

The Napeague Harbor is located in a small community called Napeague, found east of East Hampton. The community of Napeague is sandwiched between the Napeague Bay to its north and the Atlantic Ocean to its south. The harbor is connected to the Napeague bay just to its north. The United States Census Bureau states that the area of Napeague consists of 3.7 square miles, with only 2.12% composed of water bodies. At some point during the last ice age, Napeague was submerged under the sea. Thousands of years of ocean drift caused the space to fill with sand. Thereby forming Napeague. 

Napeague as a community started when New England colonists, who settled on East Hampton pushed further east by buying land off of the Montauk tribe, as well as the rights to pasteurize there. Throughout the 18th and 19th century, the hamlet became an important source of economic growth with both the whaling and agriculture industry making tons of profit. Today, East Hampton, including Napeague and its harbor, is a popular vacation spot for people in New York City looking to experience rural life. 

Napeague Harbor Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Napeague Harbor, NY

As Napeague harbor was connected to its bay and in turn was in close proximity to the Long Island Sound and the Block Island Sound, the area was once part of a thriving commercial fishing community. The shift into the tourism industry has turned the area into a hots