Saint George Sound

Franklin County, Florida.

Saint George Sound ends in Eastpoint, Florida.

138547304.57 miles (222970342.30 sq kilometers)

About The Saint George Sound

About Saint George Sound, FL 

Saint George Sound is a saltwater bay situated near Saint George Island in Franklin County, Florida. This bay is part of an even larger bay system in the area called Apalachicola Bay. It includes the Saint Vincent Sound and East Bay and covers a total area of 208 square miles. The islands of St. Vincent Island to the west, Cape Saint George and Saint George Islands to the south, and Dog Island to the east separates Apalachicola Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. Still, passes within the area allow the exchange of waters and fish between the bay’s waters and the gulf. 

No discussion of Saint George Sound is complete without looking at Saint George Island. Saint George Island is a 28-mile long barrier island that connects with Florida’s mainland in Eastpoint via the 4-mile St. George Island Bridge. A combination of world-class beaches and the fact that it’s one of the remaining unspoiled inhabited islands in Florida makes it a popular tours destination. The island is also home to Saint George Island State Park, a place for observing Florida’s wildlife and relaxation. 

Aside from its natural beauty, it is also a popular fishing destination, with Saint George Sound and the Gulf of Mexico close to it. So whether you prefer inshore or offshore fishing, there’s something for you while visiting Saint George Sound and Saint George Island. 

Saint George Sound Fishing Description