Saint Jerome Creek

St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Saint Jerome Creek ends in Dameron, Maryland.

2.80 miles long (4.50 kilometers)

2689137.71 miles (4327748.97 sq kilometers)

About The Saint Jerome Creek

About Saint Jerome Creek, MD

Saint Jerome Creek is a bay or creek found in St. Mary’s County near Portneys Overlook and Split Point. It’s measured to be approximately 11.5 miles from Lexington Park and can be found within the state of Maryland. The bay has an elevation of 3 meters with a depth ranging from 3 to 7 feet. The bay also is divided into two parts; Northern Prong and Southern Prong. You’ll find it nearby the Potomac River, just south of Solomon’s Island near Point No Point in Marylands Western Shore. 

While the creek is shallow, it contains two marinas near its head, helping cater to shallow-draft power boards and slower speed boats. However, because of its shallow and twisty entrance, you need to have a boat that has drafts of more than three feet. To spot the entrance to the creek much easier, you should start from its southeast on a place called Point No Light. 

The creek gets its namesake from one of the Christian Latin priests, Saint Jerome. He was a famous monastic leader that started as a hermit but eventually became secretary to the pope at the time, Pope Damascus I. It’s said that many of his works influenced many modern philosophies and he’s considered to be a “doctor of the church”.

Saint Jerome Creek Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Saint Jerome Creek, MD

The creek is shallow but spacious, it’s a place where anglers are encouraged to go fly-fishing and baitcasting due to the likelihood of getting a catch. It’s connected to other flowing water bodies like the Potomac River, so you’ll find a sizable fish population here. The most popular fish species here is the striped bass. However, locals have also captured white perch, bluegill, and crappie consistently in the area as well. 

St. Mary’s County has many bait shops that will sell high-quality fishing gear and equipment. You’ll find various bait to choose from to catch that specific fish you want. The best bait to use against the striped bass is herring, bloodworms, spot, or live eels. You can also attach frozen fish chunks to your bait to catch their attention, the bait used will attract bass of all sizes.


Saint Jerome Creek Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

The creek’s fish population is large, and you’re very likely to get a catch if you begin your trip at the right time. The good news is that there aren’t tight restrictions to fishing in the area. Just make sure to bring your license during the trip. The best time to begin your trip is during spring. Many of the fish will begin spawning on shallower waters, making them more exposed to your bait. The spring season starts on March 20 and ends on June 20, fishing during any date between these months will increase the fish you can potentially catch.  

You can fish any time you like on the creek, there aren’t any time restrictions for fishing. However, there is a time when the fish are the most active. The reports show that the best time to begin fishing is from 5:18 PM to 7:18 PM. If you want to fish at an earlier time, another schedule just as effective is also available. You can also begin your trip from 10:44 AM to 12:44 AM, it is just as effective as the time mentioned earlier.  


Temperature and Optimal Seasons

Fishing Seasonality

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