Sandy Creek

Jefferson County, New York.

Sandy Creek midpoint in Adams, New York.

Sandy Creek ends in Ellisburg, New York.

246 feet (75 meters)

38.65 miles long (62.20 kilometers)

About The Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek is a River located in Jefferson County, NY. Starting in Copenhagen, NY the Sandy Creek flows 39 miles through Adams, NY before ending in Ellisburg, NY. The Sandy Creek rises to an elevation of 246 feet. Find maps, fishing guides, weather and recreation information at Guidesly.


About Sandy Creek, NY

Sandy Creek, which covers South Sandy Creek, North Sandy Creek as well as Little Sandy Creek, is a medium-sized stocked and natural tributary that flows to Lake Ontario by the counties of Jefferson, Lewis, Orleans, Monroe and Oswego and is situated west of Rochester in Upstate New York. The entire creek flows through Floodwood Park which is located south of Southwick Beach State Park. The creeks can be found near the state’s famous Salmon River. Sandy Creek follows the tributary rules and regulations of Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes.

The Big Battle of Sandy was fought along the banks of the lower part of the South Sandy Creek during the War of 1812. A memorial to the Americans who fought and died in that battle was established at a public parking lot on New York State Route 3. The lower end of the stream has a bottom lined with mud and rock and caters to deep, slow-flowing water. The creek also has a limestone bottom with shallow holes and several runs and riffles from Ellisburg bridge to the impassable waterfalls. Its south section enters the Lakeview Wildlife Management Area.

Sandy Creek Fishing Description