Taylor Creek

Forsyth County, Georgia.

Taylor Creek midpoint in Gainesville, Georgia.

Taylor Creek ends in Gainesville, Georgia.

1070 feet (326 meters)

3.67 miles long (5.90 kilometers)

About The Taylor Creek

About Taylor Creek, GA

One of the major creeks in Georgia, Taylor Creek can be found in Crawford County, about 4.1 miles away from Clayton in Rabun County, 7.3 miles away from Hinesville in Liberty County, and nearby Dickerson Mill. The area wherein Taylor Creek is positioned also happens to be the meeting point of four sub-watersheds and headwaters of Georgia’s three other major creeks.

Aside from being labeled as a major creek of Georgia, Taylor Creek is also largely known as the main tributary for Canoochee Creek and a tributary of the Chestatee River.

With a length of 3.66 miles and an elevation of 331 feet, the water body rises to the northeastern region of Forsyth County, flows to the US Route 19, State Route 53, State Route 306, and finally, to the northwestern area of the Chestatee community.

The name of Taylor Creek derives from the names of William and James Taylor who were both pioneer settlers. Moreover, the water body paved the way for the establishment of an elementary school and a ghost town in the Liberty County of the state to be named “Taylor’s Creek”.

Taylor Creek Fishing Description

All About Fishing in Taylor Creek, GA

Known in Georgia to have great water quality, Taylor Creek is home to many different fish species. The biggest populations of fish in the river consist of the different types of bass which are specifically the spotted bass, striped bass, and largemouth bass. Aside from the bass species, other fish that may be found in the stream are the yellow perch, rainbow trout, channel catfish, blue catfish, and the common carp.

If one would like to catch the bass, the most appropriate bait one should bring would be crawfish as the bait is considered as the main food source for bass.  Other baits that could be used for these fish species are worms for the spotted bass and bunker and herring for the striped bass. For the other fish species, while crawfish and worms may work as great bait as well, baits like live minnows and shrimp will work well too.

The jigging fishing technique has been mentioned to work well with these types of fish in the setting of a river.

Taylor Creek Seasonal & Other Description

Fishing Seasonality

Fishing can be done all year round in Taylor Creek. While this has been established though, some may find that fish species such as trout thrive even more during the spring which starts from March and ends in the month of May. This is because the fish species move more to areas of the river which are easily accessible to anglers or which are most likely to be the m