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Florida - Fishing Capital of the World

Published:Tuesday, June 15th, 2021| Updated on:Thursday, July 15th, 2021


From the Everglades to the Keys, Florida’s beautiful waters are home to the biggest and most beautiful fish in North America. Boasting 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers, and 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, if you consider yourself an angler, there’s no excuse not to cast a line no matter where you may find yourself in the sunshine state. A world-renowned location for Sea Trout and Sailfish; choose between the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys, or the turquoise waters of the Atlantic to hook some of the most sought-after trophy fish in the states. Historically, Florida attracts the most sportfishing tourism in the U.S. each year according to the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation. 

Florida Map of Places to Fish

Describe Fishing in this State

Fishing in Florida varies by region, but there’s always an opportunity to catch loads of fish you won’t soon forget. From Mahi-Mahi to Bonito, Florida’s home to many trophy fish, you just need to know where (and when) to look. Three of the main saltwater regions for fishing include the east coast, Florida’s keys, and the westward shore that rounds off the Gulf of Mexico. On the East coast, you’re more likely to hook Redfish, King Mackerel, and if you’re up for a fight: Atlantic Bonito or Amberjack. Colorful and flashy: Bonefish, Sailfish, and Tarpon are a common catch along the southernmost tip and between Florida’s keys. Goliath Grouper, Red Snapper, and Snook are among the popular fish to be caught on the gulf side of the peninsula. As for Central Florida, the most popular freshwater fish to catch include Peacock Bass, Crappie, and various types of Catfish. No matter where you decide to cast your adventure, big fish are in the forecast!

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Top Species in August


Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Striped Bass
Striped Bass
Yellow Bass 
Yellow Bass 
Channel Catfish
Channel Catfish
Redear Sunfish
Redear Sunfish

Anything Else About Florida Fishing

If you’re looking for some friendly fishing competition, the Key West Fishing Tournament is open to all anglers, regardless of skill. Visitors or Florida natives are more than welcome to submit catches and compete for various awards! All ages are welcome, and everyone gets a certificate for the memory book after submitting a catch. If you’re interested in competing, Guidesly has over 40 experienced fishing guides in the state that are guaranteed to help you try and take home some hardware. When it comes to Florida, there are too many fishing spots to count, with tens of thousands of miles of fishable water bodies, Florida is home to one of America's biggest. Lake Okeechobee is the eighth largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in the U.S. and is also known as Florida’s ‘inland sea’. Okeechobee is home to some of the biggest bass in Florida, making it the most popular destination to reel ‘em in. The lake record is 15 pounds and 5 ounces, though larger ones are sure to be hiding below the lake's 730 square mile surface. Book a trip to fish Okeechobee today with Guidesly’s own decorated bass fisherman, Captain William Wood!


Top 10 Fish to Catch in Florida

  1. Wahoo
  2. Blue Marlin
  3. Tarpon
  4. Mahi-Mahi (Dolphinfish)
  5. Sailfish
  6. Yellowfin Tuna
  7. Redfish
  8. Sea Trout
  9. Goliath Grouper
  10. Peacock Bass

Top fishes in Florida

Wahoo  fish

Habitat: Nearshore, Offshore, Reef

Weight: 15 - 35 Pounds

Length: 8" - 100"

Common Dolphinfish
Common Dolphinfish fish

Habitat: Offshore

Weight: 15 - 30 Pounds

Length: 40" - 83"

Blue Marlin 
Blue Marlin  fish

Habitat: Offshore, Open Water

Weight: 200 - 400 Pounds

Length: 132" - 197"

Tarpon  fish

Habitat: Inshore, Flats, Backcountry

Weight: 25 - 63 Pounds

Length: 48" - 96"

Fishing Techniques in Florida

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing