Book A Fishing Charter To Ashland, AL

Some of the greatest freshwater fishing may be found in Ashland, Al. The fish are biting, and the water is clean, so come spend the day fishing in the city!

Book A Fishing Charter To Ashland, AL
Book A Fishing Charter To Ashland, AL
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October 25, 2022, 3 min read

Updated on June 19, 2023

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Ashland is the administrative center of Clay County and may be found in eastern Alabama, within easy driving distance to Talladega National Forest, Lake Harris, and Mount Cheaha. Ashland was named after Henry Clay's plantation residence in Kentucky. Clay was a statesman renowned as "The Great Compromiser." City of Friends is another name for this community. The incorporation of the municipality took place that year, in 1871.

The city takes pride in its hometown feel while providing numerous amenities often seen in more prominent communities. Everything from a recently renovated library to a community hospital, wellness center, nursing home, and senior center attest to Ashland's commitment to its residents. Ashland is home to a thriving countywide Arts League and a diverse selection of Christian congregations. Tru-Wood Cabinets, Koch Foods, and Wellborn Cabinets are all situated on the outskirts of town, and Lincoln is home to the Honda manufacturing facility.

Ashland Fishing: Freshwater Angling Experience

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Just outside the municipal limits, anglers will find paradise at one of the nearby fishing holes for their next fishing trip. Lake Cheaha may be located near the base of Cheaha Mountain. This six-acre lake was initially excavated by the Civilian Conservation Corps and is a great place for catching the most refined largemouth bass, bluegill, and spotted bass fishing in the region. This park is only across the street from the lower and rustic campsites and is just three miles from the Mountain Top Resort. However, the lake's size allows only boats propelled by hand or electric motors for fishing. A day-use admission charge is collected by a staff member throughout the spring, summer, and fall. People utilize honor boxes to pay for things when the weather becomes chilly. Campers may use the Lake and its facilities for free, including fishing. 

Clay County Lake, a mile west of Delta, Alabama, on State Lake Road, is a great place for fishing in the region. Clay County Lake is located in Clay County, not far from Delta, Alabama, about 17.5 miles from Ashland. Black crappie, largemouth bass, bluegill, carp, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and perch are some fish that may be caught here. You may expect a nice bite using a fly rod, spinning, or baitcasting reel. This water supply is also known as Lower State Lake. Each lake has a sign-up with the regulations for what may be maintained there. Before going on a fishing trip, you should know the size and species restrictions on fish that can be kept in your area.

Another extensive state-owned campground in the United States is the Wind Creek State Park, located south of Alexander City along Alabama State Route 128. The public may reach Lake Martin via Wind Creek State Park. The park's 1,445 picturesque acres are situated along the shores of the lovely Lake Martin, making it a fisherman's dream. There are lots of fish species in the lake, and some of them are crappie, bluegill, and striped bass. The park hosts many fishing events each year, and you can just rent a cabin for your stay. The marina shop has everything you might need, including live bait and fishing equipment. On top of that, kids and anglers alike may have a blast at the archery range, hiking trails, and other attractions.

Visit Ashland and Find Your Inner Explorer

1. Engage in Sports

Numerous parks and hiking paths may be found in Ashland that will give your vacation a great time. In addition to its lit walking track, theater, tennis courts, and skateboard course, City Park also has a variety of children's playground equipment for anglers and their families.

2. Visit Exhibits and Historic Places

The Ashland Theatre and the Clay County Arts League collaborate to provide theatrical performances and visual art exhibitions in the area. The Clay County Wellness Center hosts an annual "Through the Artist's Eyes" art display to highlight regional creatives. A revitalized version of the historic Ashland Theatre hosts local performances and other events. The Hugo Black House and the 1906-built Italian Renaissance-style Clay County Courthouse may be found on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fish in Ashland and beyond.